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Beauty world in the Middle East start next May
Beauty world in the Middle East start next May
عدد : 04-2008
Meet more than sixty companies in the French pavilion participating in the thirteenth session of congress exhibition for beauty world Middle East to be held at the world trade centre in Dubai from 18-May 20 next.

The companies cover key sectors perfumes, personal care, hair care and cosmetics.

It is a new, France lift the slogan" made in France" to confirm mastery in this industry and exports, which amounted to nearly 9 billion euros in 2006.

In addition, the agency UBIFRANCE regulating the wing French resort community technology cosmetic valley in which some of his twelve point presentation.

With nearly one hundred companies and seven thousand specialized technological society, this represents a unique model of its kind in the welfare sector as normally produce about two hundred million fragrances and cosmetics particular product brands most famous.

On the other hand, research is one of the activities of this community, which comprises four universities, 178 research labs, 134 experiments centre and 5500 researcher.

This welcomes all theaters Messrs. Visitors hall no.2 for final products. Hall no.8 on health products wellness, spas.
Nihal Mostafa