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A New Look to the World

A New Look to the World
The internet and mobile mobiles (the wireless and the cell phones) are getting closer. The main differences between telecommunications and the internet services providers began to erode due to mobile phones in the first place.

The mobile phone has prevailed and brings about a revolution in world of communication. Mobile phones are expected to be used by three billion people around the world by 2010 and generally speaking, the market of mobile phones is so rapidly expanding.
The mobile communication means success is in inherent in the ability to be in instant contact at any time and anywhere not only amidst people to communicate their voices but also for its it ability to quickly and precisely provide the phone user data base similar to that in immobile nets .

The challenges facing mobile nets are summarized in making the movement from one net to another transparent and invisible for the user beside the ability to transmit the data very quickly and very accurately apart from the accurate voice transmission

Many successful mobile techniques are available in different parts of the world and are so rapidly developing to accomplish all these requirements.

Mobiles were introduced to the internet field very efficiently in spite of their short age when compared to other industries.

Here I will introduce one of the most famous and modern programs which is available on yahoo site , namely yahoo mobile web that allows your mobile phones to have an easy and fast access to the internet.

Place yahoo mobile as a front home page in your mobile phone if you are willing to follow the world events.

It includes all your favorite web services in one page where you can go through your e-mail, read your favorite newspaper, have an access to the latest political, economic, sport events and weather conditions, inquire about the temperature in your town or any other place in the world, follow up the stock market, visit your favorite website on the internet, and chat with your friends.

To sum up, all what you can do online using computer, can be done by your mobile phone without time or place limitations. Just install this program in your mobile and your homepage is being updated all the day round.

Now, you can get the information you need even when you are on your way to work through one of the main page options, the yahoo one search which is one of the yahoo unique search tools on the internet designed for your mobile. It distinguishes your location so that its search findings are related to this location.

One of its services is the face book. You can select the last up dates in the social pulse program by one click you can reach the yahoo messenger and the guide of ®, Flickr®, Friendster®, LastFM®, Bebo®, Dopplr™ , Last FM, Freindstr, Flickr, Twitter, MySpace®, Facebook®, the internet address guide, your own agenda of dates in order to be in touch with the chat instead of waiting till you reach your PC.

Dr. Hany Harb