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Ground Ivy Cures Common Cold and Cough

Ground Ivy Cures Common Cold and Cough
Researchers specialized in the history of medicinal plants in the German city of Würzburg proved that juice extracted from ivy has beneficial effects in treating chest problems and chest diseases related to the mucous membrane of the ear, nose , throat, and digestive system.

It should be noted that physicians in ancient times used ivy's leaves and fruits as painkiller or ointment for the treatment of burns. In modern herbal medicine , juice extracted from ivy leaves is used to treat acute Pulmonary inflammations that appear as a side effect with cough or common cold cases which affect the respiratory tracts. It can also useful for curing symptoms of chronic Pulmonary inflammation.
The research team announced that ivy juice could also be used for the treatment of whooping cough, chronic cough by taking a medium spoonful of crushed ivy leaves and putting it in a cup of boiled water before leaving for 15 minutes and then one should drink between one to two cups per day ; one after lunch and the other after dinner or when going to bed.

Researchers stressed that dealing with this plant is shrouded in some medical risk as fresh ivy leaves or even its juice can cause or the emergence of allergy symptoms when being touched adding that the plant fruits should not touched.
They, in addition . warned that eating ivy could result in poisoning especially for young children where it is always accompanied by symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, so experts recommend the necessity for using medical products made of plant ivy when using the plant for medical purposes.
Mohamed Abd Alsanad