This Issue is : 07-2008

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Scope of view
A genius Place

Scope of view
A genius Place
Genius is an adjective that always has a connection with the creative and inventor man, but I'll use it to refer to the place.
God glory appears and gives Egypt fantastic natural treasures that isn't everything, but also it has a variety as it is rate to search for an find in the same country... this genius appears in the great River in Egypt, it allows to be hold great civilizations on its banks, it also appears when God gives Egypt the Mediterranean sea and create its beauty shores and the Red Sea that extends to overlook on the most beautiful spots in the world and has big water treasures that considered with its similar in the world on a one hand.. Deserts and oases are realized by the sights so we can see the glory and ability of God.

It also has a wonderful geographic location that makes it in the middle of the world and has rare location take sights.
Thanking God isn't accepted unless we use the heavenly gifts by the way that proves we deserve them to make God bless and keep them.

But where are we now?!... We face the beauty by ugliness and harm the Nile and its banks... We built the concrete masses and lost us our seas shores without being frightened of God, and many parts of the seas disappeared and we can't see them from anywhere but only through the plane window… we published many protection laws, but the hands are still bad!

But the chance still here although all these negative problems there is … a government that exerts its best efforts to push the developing wheel… A new offered thinking ensures that our country insists to make programs.

Egypt is the gift of the Nile. It is no doubt that using this touristic Nile… its water… its shores… its sky… its air will be a wonderful touristic attractive point… and because this Nile exist in a tourist country, it must be one of the special elements of tourist attraction.

God gives us several gifts so we should use them to raise Egypt some over the all to be the best and the highest.

The Nile gift is only enough, but we have thousand models other gifts, civilized monuments, attractive model... All of the give us a big credit in a world full of science and become one village.

Magdi Selim
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