This Issue is : 11-2007
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The Electronic Gate is now operational

The Electronic Gate is now operational
Day after another, it appears that the economic development and social welfare depend basically on the planned methods of using modern electronics in all fields.

I will tell you once more that Abou Al-Holl Newspaper gave me the opportunity to write about that matter after the newspaper's administration decided to design an on-line site for it, intended to present new information and services, for other firms and institutions.
In fact, that matter is considered one of the new variables in the global reality in general and our Arab world in particular. We, inevitably, have to know how to use modern electronic technology admitting that without it, communities can never keep up with what is going on in the world. Electronic development that should be existed in Egypt along with its institutions should go in parallel ways in addition to making the audience familiar with using the different kinds of electronic means. Doing this, we shall save a lot of millions which can be spent elsewhere.

I think that any body, who looks at the services provided in tourism sector, will notice a great development in everything especially marketing, and the whole promotion for the global tourism sector.

Canceling the so-called paper tickets as the international Association for air travel estimations say that electronic tickets represent about 40% of the total tickets sold the world. The Association hopes to turn to electronic tickets by 2007, that matter was extended to include finishing all procedures throughout the internet, saving them more than 3 billion dollars annually for civil aviation industry in the world.

To conclude, there developed a new method by Turkey in promoting for more than 100 Turkish touristic areas by 2008. By that method, tourists are sent written messages through their mobile phone. Once they visit any place in Turkey. The message contain historical information and rare musical pieces sent in both Turkish and English as a first stage of the project, then these messages will be in French, German and Russian.
Magdy Sleim
magdy@ Abou-Al