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Another word Al Toktok … And the Environmental safety
This Issue is : 11-2008

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Another word

Al Toktok … And the Environmental safety

Another word

Al Toktok  And the Environmental safety
The world leaders are always calling for combating the environmental problems and finding radical solutions for them. Environmental problems are countless and mainly caused by human activities…transport sector is one of the main reasons that mostly harm environment as the gases emitting from vehicles exhaust represent 70% of the polluting gases in the air.

In a successful attempt to solve the problem of transportation congestion, there came the “capital Taxi” project actually solved many of traffic problems as all the “capital Taxi” drivers abided by traffic laws. If you have the chance to get on the taxi, you will never regret as it is, clean, comfortable and air- conditioned. Above all, you can call it from your home or anywhere you are. In addition, capital taxi drivers are fully aware of how to treat passengers whether Egyptian or foreigners.

Five years ago, a new project has come into being in Egypt, that of Al- Toktok (a small three wheel vehicle illegally drive by young people). The project is not originally Egyptian and had been carried out in Asian states such as India and Bangladesh and then stopped due to its bad impacts on environment.

After a long debate, Egyptian officials found that this dangerous means off transport has become inevitable as it provides a legitimate job opportunity for youth. Although it has not been licensed lawfully so far!

After the Toktok had been used as a means of transport for 4 years in some touristc governorates, public Authority for standers and quality set some conditions in conformity with the international standers of safety and security. Among such conditions are that the speed of Toktok must not exceeded 60 km per hour and it must accommodate 6 a passengers only .since then , Toktok has become a profession of unemployed persons and an insecure means of transport embarked on by the Egyptians only and not by tourists.

Nowadays, about 4500 Toktoks are legally licensed to roam in Giza governorate streets… I was surprised by the fact that we agreed to increase the number of that insecure small vehicles in that touristic governorate whereas India and Bangladesh stopped it to maintain their environments.

Did not the time com to liberate ourselves from environmental illiteracy?

Instead of finding radical solutions for traffic problems, we increase those problems by issuing decisions that lack careful studies and ignoring environmental legislations in Egyptian laws.
Reham El-Barbary