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Another word The internet and the press
This Issue is : 12-2008

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Another word

The internet and the press

Another word

The internet and the press
I was surprised by the inflow of ideas between me and officials in American newspaper of Christian Science Monitor which plans to stop its issuance as a daily publication in 2009 and retain its edition.
That is what has been going on into my mind several months ago and just two years since the issuance of Abou – alhool as written publication.
During that period, I suffered a lot to present that paper in a unique different way to all Arab as well as foreign tourists. I also intended to high light all what has been achieved by government officials for promoting tourism industry in Egypt. I get used to presenting only the bright side in order to attract the Arab and foreign tourists to Egypt. A year ago, I have decided to present Abou- alhool online, taking into consideration that the internet revolution reaches the whole world at full belt.

Back to American newspaper whose officials took the above- mentioned decision most likely due to the current global financial crisis. Although many people prefer to read news, articles and reports in their written form, statistics pointed out that the future of publicized press is not promising on the global level.

In addition, some American studies proved that people who are less than 30 years do not follow the traditional daily paper, but they rather read news on line and that what caused some well-known newspapers such as New York Times and Los Angeles Times to dispense with many of their editors because of the drop in sales.

Electronic papers are now benefiting from two prevailing trends, the increasing advertising on the internet and the spread of mobile electronic sets on a large scale. According to the British Media ABC foundations report, the amount of losses afflicting British newspapers in September 2008 ranges between 0.5% and 8%.
As for the Arab newspapers, studies assured that 7 out 10 young people depend on the satellite channels and electronic press in receiving their information.

In summary, the message I want to achieve through Abou- alhool newspaper whether published or electronic is to alter the stereotyped image and occupy a distinctive status in the controversial world of press.
Reham El-Barbary