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My Love Story with Abou Alhool

My Love Story with Abou Alhool
I love Sphinx. It is a great master in the art of silence and expressing admiration for the Pharaohs' pyramids one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I myself fell in love with Sphinx since my first visit to Egypt. In its features, I found secrets and stories hard to be discovered or even understood. "I wish I could discover the secret of its expressive looks”, I said to myself.

More than one year ago, I have got acquainted with my dear workmate, Reham El Barbary, chief editor of Abou Alhool newspaper, the first of its kind specialized in Egyptian tourism. A question, since then, has occurred to my mind. How can she make Sphinx talk? But soon I realized that she managed to accomplish that hard task and make Abou Alhool the tongue of the Egyptian tourism.
The newspaper's staff have already entered into a race with time to prove themselves seeking to place Abou Alhool at the rank of world newspapers and that is what we wish for it from the bottom of our hearts.
The staff work with due diligence and silence. They are stubbornly insistent on success and survival no matter the great troubles the newspaper has suffered in the field and this biggest challenge to those who want to achieve success in its all aspects.
Thanks to its staff, Abou Al hool succeeded in breaking the silence of Sphinx by its non-stop quest for every thing new in tourism to keep pace with reader and those interested in tourism and monument affairs and without any exaggeration I have not been interested in such stuff until I knew that newspaper.
Abou Al hool needs an Arab and international starting point in order to send the intended Egyptian message to others. I never think it will not be admired. I expect it to be very famous contributing to the promotion of the economic touristic development. In the meantime, it will enhance the importance and status of press whether the public or the specialized in the Egyptian economic development.

Now, there is no need to be worried about the newspaper which grasp the mysterious original history of Sphinx as long as its staff are very ambitious and high-aspiring, and so I wish them all more success and progress.
Abdallah Mosaa Alsho'iby
Yemeni-British writer