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Al Sokhna, Charming in Summer and Winter

Al Sokhna, Charming in Summer and Winter
When imagination becomes fact, mystery is a source of excitement and attraction and nature is beautiful and dazzling, hence, there emerges the world calling for meditation and soaring over the world of facts and traditional reality. These are the secrets of such virgin areas. If you want to watch the purest and prettiest sea, enjoy the golden warm sun rays, fresh air and the divine creation surrounding you, and you do not have time to visit Sharm EL Shekh or Hurghada, you would rather visit Al Sokhna , one of El Ain Al Sokhna resorts, which competes every day to offer you and your family all the repose, recreation and fun, beside safety. It will help you make the most beautiful memories in you life even if you spend one day there.

Wonderful stay

Each of us needs some happy moments away from everyday life concerns and problems .Some choose the charming natural places comfortable for them. But for modern people willing for innovations, coordinated places, and decorations comfortable for both body and soul will be taken into account as well. They are all available in Al Sokhna including man- made luxury and welfare amidst nature and so tourist will have many choices such as luxury hotels in the mountains or those looking over the sea.

A paradise of Beaches

Being the charm of summer and winter, Al Sokhna extends 60 km along the Red Sea coast distinguished by its wonderful landscapes, bright sea water, a large diversified fish species, rich sea environment, white soft sand, unrocky unrivalled magnificent shores and Its Mountains which are like those of the Alps.

Hobbies and Adventures

The place is an ideal one for those who are fond of beaches and marine sports. Winds make it perfect for sailing, water skiing, boat riding, diving, underwater photography in addition to fishing, mountain climbing, telefrique boarding, and many other hobbies and enjoyable activities available in Al Sokhna.

Unique Model of Wild Life

Although it rarely rains, there are wild flowers, grass, and plants of the desert, abundance of prickly trees and bushes, as well as aromatic plants.
There are many wild animals and reptiles such as lizards. Moreover, more than 200 species of immigrant birds cross over there in addition to more than 150 of species dwelling in Egypt.
Modernization combined with history

On Korimat road west of Zafarana, there are two of the most ancient monastic convents dating back to more than 16 centuries; Father Antonious' convent, the leader of the monastic life who was born in 215 AD and died in 365 AD, as well as the nearby convent of the Father Paul .Religious rituals, in those convents, are still performed so far.
As for the northern part of Al Galala Al Bahariya mount, it is believed to be the starting point for Prophet Moses and the people of Israel during their departure from Egypt to Sinai Peninsula.

Unforgettable Experiences Enjoyable

-Playing golf among high mountains is a fun that you can try in the international Porto Al Sokhna resort that includes 18 holes to fit for professional players as well as novice ones. If you are fond of playing on the seashores, you should go to the play grounds of Stella De Mary. There you will find professional trainers who will help you feel the fun of professionalism.

- Boarding Al Sokhna telefrique and soaring in the sky is the first a unique experience of its kind in Egypt. If you are fond of sight seeing, try going between among your residence place and restaurants, stores, coffee shops by telefrique.

-You can not visit Al Ein Al Sokhna without searching for health and beauty springs. There are two 35 C temperature natural Sulfur springs used for treating skin diseases, one under the foot of Attakaa Mount, 45 KM south Suez golf and the other is inside Al Ein Al Sokhna hotel.

-If you look for fresh air away from pollution, go to Aquarius resort, 11 meters higher than the sea level which besides the enjoyable stay therein, was designed in away that enables visitors to directly view the sea.
Entertaining Places

After an eventful day of adventures, you will think of spending distinguished evenings. Al Sokhna resorts will undoubtedly make your evenings unforgettable. You have many choices, and you can watch your favourite actors in cinemas that present the most recent Arab and foreign movies. You can also listen to the light music, or go to one of the tourist coffee shops, and have a cup of "minted" tea, or you can follow up the Egyptian TV drama on big display monitors.

Shopping and Restaurants

Al Sokhna hotel restaurants offer Egyptian, Lebanese, as well as Italian dishes, but you should try the tasty fresh special seafood.

Shopping in Egypt is a big fun in itself. Wherever you go, you will find trade malls satisfying all tastes, displaying the most world famous brands and providing family needs. So, never forget to by presents and souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Reham Elbarbary