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The marvellous medicine worshipped by Ancient Egyptians

The marvellous medicine worshipped by Ancient Egyptians
Garlic is such a wonderful botanic medicine that was worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians and found engraved on their temple's walls. It was being grown twice a year, the first was on the mid of September till the late October whereas the second from October till the end of November.

Hieroglyphic Egyptian stories told that garlic was taken by the pyramid builders to strengthen their bodies and maintain their health. Moreover, The Ancient Greeks used to eat raw garlic before participating in any competitions and the same was done by Roman soldiers before getting into the battlefields.

Abu Qrat, the father of medicine, recommended garlic on the basis that it protects against infections, contamination of wounds, leprosy, and digestion disturbances.

Garlic was mentioned in the Holy Books including Qur'an.In the middle ages it was used to protect from epidemic and In the World War I, garlic was a remedy for Gangrene. Some people went so far wearing it as necklace to push away devils and vampires.

It is worth mentioning that the plant once used to cure ear inflammations and heart diseases, has proved successful in fighting cancer, asthma, harmful bacteria as well as Cholera, Typhoidand Dysentery.

Medical uses of garlic

1- Dissolves blood clogs
2- Reduces the high Cholesterol levels.
3- Reduces high pressure.
4- Reduces death rates among heart patients.
5- Abu Qrat, the father of Medicine treated Cervical- cancer with garlic. It has already known that garlic kills some cancerous cells and some studies conducted in China and Italy proved that those who eat much garlic and onion rarely suffer from stomach cancer.
6- Garlic oil is used to fight ear pains, slight skin problems, as well as indigestion.

7- Treats Parkinson.
8- Treats chest inflammations, coughing and asthma
9- Reduces the possibilities of pregnancy toxication, caused by high blood pressure and helps in the growth of the newborn.
10- Dissolves kidney stones.
11- Strengthens gums and teeth.
12- Treats boldness, hair fall, and Vitiligo
13- seepage diseases Treats.


Patients who have Haemorrhoids, headache, Migraine, or those who suffer from stomach ulcer and blood thinning are not allowed to have garlic.

Hanem Badawy