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Happiness is a Universal Phenomenon

Happiness is a Universal Phenomenon
Trees are happy and so are animals and birds. It is happiness that takes you to another world to the extent that you become isolated from the sad world created by mind and the past also disappears to be replaced by the present. If you are really happy, you feel neither the time nor space. Observe your sadness closely till you find out its reasons, then observe the moments when you are pleased and satisfied to realize the difference between the two the two polar opposite states of mind.

Whereas happiness needs talent, geniality, and creativity for it is creative people who can feel happy, sadness needs no talent and that is why anyone can be sad at anytime. Therefore, try to be always creative, for example, when you have a garden and grow flowers therein, something will flourish inside you as a result and the same applies to drawing a painting.

By making all these creative things, you will definitely become a totally different person and something new will be born inside you. So, write poetry, sing a song or even dance in order to be happy but you should first be creative. Life is a golden chance for creation. Have you ever noticed the joy in the pregnant woman's eyes? She creates by giving birth and, therefore, she becomes happy at the moment she first sees her baby despite the sharp pains she undergoes in both pregnancy and delivery. The same applies to when climbing a high mountain which is hard and exhausting. However, as soon as you reach the peak and look at the sky, you become extremely happy. This is called the happiness of creation.

You have to be smart in order to be happy. One of the methods whereby you can recognize you are smart is to meditate so as to know yourself as well as your wants. But you must be aware that the intended intelligence here is not the intellectual one but rather the state that comes from the deep inside and then turns into happiness, creativity, rebellion, and adventuring into the unknown.
So, you have to take the decision on your own right now!!

I will live smart, never be but a follower to myself. It is only me who will dictate the orders that I should follow. I will be myself, not part of the herd I will go alone to find my way.
Intelligence makes you courageous enough to go alone in your own way, gives you a clear vision for creation which is the shortest way to happiness.
Mohamed Abd AlSanad