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Garranah: Hopes upon Obama to Reflect the Real Image of Egyptian-American Relations

Garranah: Hopes upon Obama to Reflect the Real Image of Egyptian-American Relations
Mr. Zoheir Garranah, Minister of Tourism said that the number of American tourists coming to Egypt in 2008 has witnessed a remarkable growth of 319,112 with a 17% increase compared to 2007.

Garranah also reviewed during a meeting with representatives of the American Tourist Writers Association, the impacts of the global economic crisis referring that Egypt is not isolated from the world and so is affected by the crisis.

He further mentioned the measures and procedures taken by the Ministry in facing the crisis including the joint marketing and promoting the charter flights as well as improving human resources in tourism.

The United States of America, he added, had once been among the top markets exporting tourism to Egypt contrast to its current position which has retreated to the tenth in the same market.

"The Egyptian tourism is seeking seriously in order for American tourism to restore its status as it represents a distinctive and high-level pattern of tourism", explained Garranah.

Tourism Ministry pointed out Egypt's pioneering role in pushing peace process in the Middle East stressing that Sharm el-Sheikh has incubated all the major conferences related to that issue and thus it deserves to be named the First city of peace in the world.

Zoheir Garranah expressed his hope that the American president Barack Obama could succeed in improving the world states' image in the Americans' eyes and vice-versa as well as conveying the real shape of the Egyptian-American Relations.

He finally urged American writers to be more accurate in conveying the real image if the financial crisis so as to reduce its negative repercussions emphasizing their role in maintaining that vital industry.
Reham El barbary