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Garranah emphasizes the importance of investments to face the global crisis

Garranah emphasizes the importance of investments to face the global crisis
Mr. Zoheir Garranah, Egyptian Tourism Minister, emphasized the importance of taking prompt actions and immediate procedures in order to minimize Repercussions of world economic crisis, referring to the rapid rise in the number of unemployed people as well as dismissal of employees all over the world.

The minister's speech came in a statement before the Egyptian French businessmen society where he also elucidated that Egypt has such natural and tourist potential that enable it to face the crisis. Tourism, he added, has recently witnessed a big growth in tourists’ number, citing as evidence the growth rate in French tourism that increased in 2008 by about 26.4% compared to 2007.

He further mentioned that tourism industry is so sensitive because it is highly affected by the national and international variables saying, "The ministry has taken procedures to face the crisis, chief among them is the common marketing with trip organizers as well as strategies adopted, In collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, to promote air flights in Marsa Alam, Taba, and Aswan".

Garranah also stressed the importance of open skies already available in Egyptian airports, except for Cairo airport expected to be included in that system especially after the great developments there such as the inauguration of hall No 3.

The Minister pointed out that Ministry is intensifying training programs indicating that the present time is appropriate for estimating passive points in tourism industry based in the first place on human whose resources should be developed.

Garranah stressed the vital role played by the Central Bank in supporting the serious investors called the governmental and private sectors for adopting the same visions, objectives ,strategies so as to overcome the coming hard times, which according to him, the most suitable for investments for investors becomes very aware of the market's requirements and variables.

Mahmoud Shalaby