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Pharaohs Celebrated Love Day Thousand Years Ago

Pharaohs Celebrated Love Day Thousand Years Ago
On the occasion of the worldwide love celebrations on February, Pharaohs were allegedly to have celebrated love and lovers more than three thousand years ago.
According to the Egyptian researcher, Sanaa Mahmoud Mansour, Ancient Egyptians were very sincere to their wife and well- known for their respect, dignity and care about women's needs.
"Love your wife and be faithful to her as you should be feed her, coat her, and make her happy as long as you live" told the monumental Pharaonic manuscripts.
One of the instructions of Cheops sons was that ," if you are a wealthy man, you should have your own house, and get married to wife that loves you, then you can have a child."
Two thousand years later, another preacher said: "get married when you are twenty so that you may have a son while you are still young .Queen Hathour was asked to help the widow marry and give the virgin a house. The Feudal masters had to give little girls to the single young men.
Marriage was made through a contract guaranteeing the wife's rights. Women's status in Ancient Egypt especially the wife is one of the Pharaonic civilization aspects that succeeded in making the beloved, wife, and son symbols of equality compared to the case in European societies in the early twentieth century.
One Pharaoh Lover wrote about his beloved describing her as "the unique matchless ladylove, the most beautiful woman in the world. Look at her! She is like a twinkled star in a new good year. Her skin is so bright and fair, her eyes are clear, her lips gently utter, but never say trivialities".
He added that she has a long neck, taut breasts, glistening hair, slim waist and fingers that look like the cups of Lotus.
Ayman Hagag