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Discovering a Pharaonic Tomb including Mummies in Saqqara

Discovering a Pharaonic Tomb including Mummies in Saqqara
Mr. Farouk Hossny, Egyptian Minister of Tourism, declared that an Egyptian mission discovered a new tomb including mummies, wood and rock coffins closed since the Pharaonic age.

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities who headed the mission said that the tomb was specifically discovered in Gesr Elmodeer area west of king Zoser pyramid in Saqqara, the first limestone-made pyramid in the Pharaonic history.

The mission, he added, has been working in the site for one year, and that the tomb dates back to the sixth dynasty of the ancient state, i.e., 4300 years ago. The name of the tomb's owner is "Sengem" who was named the reciting priest. The tomb that is made of raw clay was found next to the tombs of both the singers's master and the director of the missions of king "Onas" pyramid belonging to the fifth dynasty (2356- 2323-BC) and which have been recently unveiled.
Hawass further stated that Sengem tomb includes a 11 meter deep well carved on the rock behind the tomb's cabinet leading to the burial chamber in the east part therein. Another well dating back to the 26th dynasty, i.e., 2640 years ago, was found east of the tomb's original well and which leads to the same burial chamber.
"This chamber includes some 30 mummies and skeletons in addition to a wooden coffin closed since the Pharaonic era", told Hawass.

It is worth mentioning that Zahi Hawass entered the burial chamber and excavated next to the wooden coffin till the outer cover was removed announcing the discovery of a complete mummy dating back to Alsawy age (640 BC) and there might be hidden amulets beneath the mummies wraps.
Hanem Badawey