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Discovering the Second River Port in Karnak Temple

Discovering the Second River Port in Karnak Temple
The second river port was found out in the Karnak temple by The Egyptian mission working there in Luxor.
The event derives its importance from the fact that it is the first time in the Pharaonic history to discover a second port serving the temple. Before that time, it was unknown that there were temples in Egypt including tow ports for serving them.
The afore- mentioned port was built by Pharaohs in the era of king Taharka reign (690-664 BC) of the 25th dynasty.
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of The Supreme Council of Antiquities, pointed out that the port that was discovered at the northern entrance of Karnak temple had been used by the ancient Egyptian during the months in which the River Nile water recedes and do not reach the temple.
This port consisted of two drawers made of sand stone capable of resisting the Nile water and corrosion. The two drawers are opposite to each other leading to a five meters long and 52 meters wide land.
The Egyptian mission announced last year the discovery of the first Karnak temple port that was composed of a huge slope leading to the Nile. That port was used in bringing stones and sacrifices to inside the temple.
A Ptolemic - Roman town was also found out north of this port beside some houses as well as many clay pots.
The same mission also unveiled a big dam erected by Ancient Egyptians for the purpose of protecting the Karnak temples against floods' dangers. The dam is 250 meters long as emphasized by Luxor monuments director Mansour Brek Radwaan.
Wael Mansour