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The New Valley in the other world

The New Valley in the other world
A report by the planning and balance commission has revealed a decline in the number of tourists coming to Egypt from 15% during the first quarter of the global financial crisis to 1% in the second quarter and consequently revenues fell by $ 2.4 billion.
Reports actually proved that we undoubtedly face a crisis that will negatively affect Egyptian tourism industry deemed one of the main economic and social development resources as it contributes by 11.3% in the national income, and 12.6% in labour force.

So, I am surprised by what the New Valley governor brigadier Ahmed Mokhtar said in his interview with tourist journalists when he stressed that the kidnapping of some tourists during a trip to the grand Golf area last September had a positive impact on Egyptian tourism through media propaganda that shed lights on the most important touristic sites in the governorate and which were barely known before.

He added that he is not in a hurry boosting tourism in the governorate referring that there should be first an identity for tourism in the area so that they may succeed in making the performance mechanisms. Then, Mokhtar wonders about the harms arising if we wait for 3 years more in order to perform the accomplishment strategies made in collaboration between the governorate and the Ministry of Tourism for tourism promotion. They may prove to be wrong in the future similarly to what happened in other tourist areas. The declaration was over.

Now it is my turn to ask, would propaganda plan whose main pivots are Accidents and disasters have positive impacts on Egyptian tourism? When should we admit our mistakes? And should we wait for another 3 years evaluating and assessing to avert any possible errors just for the occurrence of previous executive mistakes in some tourist areas?

Mr governor: We can do nothing but to rearrange our plans in order to attract tourists to an unpolluted desert area possessing a great part of the Ancient Egyptian history represented in monuments, natural reserves, as well as sulphuric springs that could cure many chronic diseases?

Where is the role of the New Valley that occupies one thirds of Egypt's total space in implementing the ministerial plan intended to attract 14 million tourists, achieve 140 tourist nights, bring 12 $ billions and provide 1.2 job opportunities by 2011?
Reham Elbarbary