This Issue is : 05-2009

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Hot summer between Officials’ Awareness and Peoples’ Panic

Hot summer between Officials Awareness and Peoples Panic
The world attention inclined to the E-Tourism and governments have realized its great impact on the augmentation of tourism growth especially in countries where tourism income largely contributes to the general local growth , as well as its importance in the reduction of tourist service charges and hence the prices and tourist product development apart from the innovation of new tourist activities compatible with different tourist classes.

Therefore, we the Egyptians and Arabs congratulate ourselves on the launch of the electronic website of the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority at the end of this month and we hope it to have a great impact in promoting the attractive Egyptian tourism product with its various forms to the Arab world. On the basis of our understanding of the sugnificance that e-tourism plays in peoples ’ lives , there must be an effective institutional organizational framework that should be aware of the website importance in helping tourists take their decisions by providing them with updated information firsthand.

The launch of the Arabian website may possibly help us start a successful tourist season that compensates the 13.4% decline in tourist’s number coming to Egypt during the first quarter of the current year. Despite being short in time due to the holy month of Ramadan , many governments largely depend upon this season to compensate their losses in tourism sector due to the global financial crisis and the recent attempts by many individuals and families to reduce their expenses because of fear for future economic changes. Moreover, tourists feel frightened to travel abroad because of the Swine Flue which has afflicted 33 countries so far, the matter that led to a 50% fall at least in flight and hotel reservations in the afflicted areas.

Till this moment, I do not know when tens of tourist installations cease dismissing their employees under the pretext of the reduction in the tourist occupation therein? …Or what are the methods whereby they can attract Arab tourists in the light of cut-throat competition with other countries?

There are many Arab and Egyptian tourists who dream of spending a long holiday between the charming nature arms of the unique Egyptian resorts. They want to throw their whole year burdens to be swallowed by sea waves for ever and breathe cool breezes on the Mediterranean and the Red sea beaches. So, Egyptian as well as foreign tourists should be helped to explore the great Egyptian civilization and the sea depth treasures.

Reham Elbarbary