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For the first time ... A Mosque in Istanbul with Female Touches

For the first time ... A Mosque in Istanbul with Female Touches
Workers in Turkey are currently setting the final touches for the most recently built mosque called "Sakrin" in the capital Istanbul. The mosque is the first to be designed by a woman in the country. Surprisingly, women also participate in building it in a phenomenon that may be the first of its kind in history.

Engineer Zainab Fadil oglu who gained global fame through designing luxurious inns, night clubs and hotels all over the world, is the founder of the mosque.

Oglu was aiming, through the design of the mosque "Sakrin”, at reviving the old Ottoman traditions.
The construction of this mosque is unique in Turkey , not for the fact that its founder was a woman, but for she belonged to the secular trend in that society.
Zainab Fadil oglu has designed many amusement parks and hotels in Turkey , Abu Dhabi, Doha and New Delhi including an inn she owned with her husband in the Turkish capital .She emphasized that that her ownership of a bar does not preclude being a Muslim as well.

She added: "In Turkey there are a lot of people who lead a modern lifestyle with religious values ... Women enjoy equality under Islam, why can not a woman, therefore, designed a mosque"?

Zainab has acknowledged that she wanted through the interior design of the mosque to grant women the opportunity to enjoy the architectural engineering and to have a better look at the heart of the mosque through high balconies instead of limiting them in small spaces at the rear of the mosque.
The Turkish religious institution expressed their joy for the course of its project as Mustafa Kagrici, the Mufti of Istanbul said: "I hope that the people in the future can see more mosques with female touch and Sakrin mosque is the beginning of a new era in the design of worship places".
Mohamed Abd Alsanad