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What Is Going On In (ETA)?

What Is Going On In (ETA)?
In recent years, there have been a controversy among researchers and analysts concerning the Egyptian People's impressions towards the Government performance. Researches’ results revealed the sufferings that citizens face when dealing with some government officials, the matter that has proved the existence of a trust crisis between the people and government ... I do advocate the use of the word "crisis" rather than "lack of trust" for as there are a lot of negatives , there are also positive aspects that always stem from the will of million people to continue working sincerely and seriously in spite of all the bad circumstances they usually encounter. Without exaggerating, I am fully confident that the positives will sooner or later predominate the bitterness of the negatives.
Being an Egyptian to the core, I am not living in ivory tower far from the feelings of millions of people and I found myself losing confidence in the Ministry of tourism which went in a deep sleep ignoring what is going on in Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) .

The issue which is not unknown for everybody lies simply in the odd conflicting statements that pose a dozen of curious question marks which I have no intention to address to chairman of(TPA) for the matter is of no importance for his Excellency .Even the Information Department of the authority which is still after more than a year without boss, will surprisingly not answer my questions.

Speaking to the local as well as world media, Chairman of Tourism Promotion Authority announced during his recent visit to Bahrain The launch of the Arab-speaking website aimed at providing all the information about the Egyptian tourism so as to raise the ratio of Arab tourism which amounted to 18% last year and acquaint only the wealthy Arab youth of the new tourism products.

The TPA’s statement was not the first as it was preceded by a similar one in September, 2008 ... Now, after the lapse of on year from that declaration; can we ask where the Arabic-speaking web site which is said to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds?? And how did the authority appealed to promotion e through the "Facebook" to attract Arab youth to visit Egypt during Ramadan although Arabs' interest in "Facebook" on that month declines?

Is it enough to use the “Facebook” to promote Egypt’s tourist and archaeological sites? What does it benefit if the “Facebook” visitors look for more information but do not find details? How can we ignore the needs of millions of Arabs along with their families to visit the Arabic-speaking website which is supposed to acquaint the Arab tourists of the new tourist products and services prompting them to choose Egypt as their tourist destination?

After the summer season the aggravation of the financial crisis on tourism sector in all world countries, chairman of Tourism Promotion Authority is still confirming the increase in the number of tourists coming to Egypt. But what is actually going on the ground, according to some of five-star hotels, is that the Egyptian tourism witnessed a 20% decline last July, the same month which coincided with sayings that the global financial crisis has no impacts upon the Egyptian tourism!
Reham El-Barbary