This Issue is : 11-2009
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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Squandering the Public Fund in El –Ezaby's Manor

Squandering the Public Fund in El Ezaby's Manor
Resuming the disastrous chain of facts concerning the squandering of public money in the Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) which I pledged to acquaint my dear readers with throughout consecutive episodes , let me sum up today's facts in three points : First , the ETA has secretly launched its Arabic-speaking website without making appropriate propaganda or even telling media about that website . Its your turn now my dear reader to give your imagination a free hand to think over the huge fund dedicated to that project which is deemed an indispensable marketing tool in the information technology age especially during the global financial standoff and the retreat witnessed by tourism sector. After along delay and as we bid farewell to 2009, I found the answer to the question which has long suggested itself … what is the main reason behind the 15% decline in Arab tourism coming to Egypt during the period from January to October to especially Saudi Arabia and the Libyan tourism which witnessed a recession on October compared to the same period last year although they are of the first ten Arab countries exporting tourism to Egypt ?!!!!!!!!!!

Second , Abou Hool Tourist newspaper was intentionally ruled out from any professional participation in news coverage and media events in a serious challenge whose message content : "We are above the law, and lend a deaf ear to the media". According to Ms. Azza Abbas, Director of Information Department in the Egyptian Tourism Authority "Mr. Amr Ezaby Chairman of ETA never pays any attention to any criticism published in the media against him or the institution he runs citing as an example the senior journalist who for many years took upon his shoulders the responsibility of objectively disseminating tourism thought for the purpose of upgrading that vital industry and who used to address constructive criticisms to the Authority particularly its marketing department" . what then ? she asked me, Did any change occur ? she added . Then I turned to myself asking , Am I required to keep silence and join the spectators queues or participate in that corruption and chaos?

Third , Chairman of Egyptian Tourism Authority had issued a wrong decree when he allowed the travel of 14 people from domestic tourism, planning , financial , management and technical sectors to the UAE for doing nothing but to have relaxation and enjoy shopping, all this under the guise of Egypt's participation in Dubai International Film Festival "global village" .Meanwhile , he let only two officials from the International Tourism Sector to travel in spite of being the sector in charge of representation in such international events ...
Moreover , Chairman of ETA approved last week the travel of 9 persons to Moscow under the the pretext of renting a new office there ... Despite the fact that since the opening date of the Egyptisn 17 Tourist offices in different world countries , it was enough to do this seeking the help of Egyptian embassies or diplomatic missions to provide information about the geographic as well as business nature suitable for the bureau's activity, So , why did not ETA seek the help of the office's current director in Russia so that it could have saved thousands of dollars squandered in expenses and allowances ..etc.
This is what is going on in Egyptian Tourism Authority that deliberately breaks the law which criminalizes the waste of public funds .... Therefore I will continue disclosing facts To whom it may concern even if nothing changes . We are always satisfied and convinced to be the masters of our pens not its slaves and let all Egyptians be eye witnesses to El –Ezaby's estate era.
Reham El-Barbary