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Corruption in the Despotic ETA's Chairman
This Issue is : 12-2009

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Corruption in the Despotic ETA's Chairman

Corruption in the Despotic ETA's Chairman
Dear readers in my fifth article which mainly handles the disastrous realities that harm the public interest and which reveals the permanent terrible vocational failures in Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) Chaired by Amr El-Ezaby , I want to be fully responsible for everything I mentioned with neither Courtesy nor Prejudice .I would like all honest persons who have values and principles to be eye witnesses to the reign of the despotic ETA's Chairman whatever the negative consequences always faced by those who tell the truth in our amazing contemporary world.
El-Ezaby has accepted in November 3, 2009 the CNN channel's request for carrying out a one-year Egyptian tourist campaign in return for $ (1300000) , despite the channel's did not specify in the contract the times at which ads would be broadcast or even determine certain times (such as peak or holiday seasons) compared to the accepted BBC 's offer which was less than CNN's by approximately (370000) $ and which included specific dates for Egyptian tourist ads in the morning , at night and before vacation and holidays so as to suit both the time the tourist desires to travel and the timing of launching Egyptian tourism international campaign in different countries taking into account the focus on broadcasting those ads during programs which have the highest number of viewers.
The legal truth that is unquestionable says " pacta sunt servanda" ... By virtue of this truth and after ETA's chairman already gave CNN the green line to implement the advertising campaign according to the agreed contract , should the random ETA's marketing department dictate its conditions on the CNN channel to achieve the same resonance created by the distinguished BBC's calculated campaign to achieve the desired result of spending more than $ 40 million annually ?!!!!!!!!! I do not know when El-Ezaby is going to take veteran tourism and marketing expert's advice and stop implementing the amateurs' useless ideas that squander public money.

And out of compliment and nepotism for his friends ,Chairman of Egyptian Tourism Authority has also recently approved a one-year extension of the work of one of senior state officials' brother's wife whose age exceeded the seventy-fifth and increased her monthly salary to (2939.85 EUR) just because she follows up the German media there!!!
Moreover, Amr El-Ezaby used to grant his rotary friends special aids worth 24000 pounds every six months to publish a magazine which is of no interest to anybody except its readers from the club members.
In the absence of inadequate control and financial auditing in the ETA, many hazardous breaches were committed in its external tourist offices which amount to 17 affiliated to the International Tourism Sector headed by Mr. Sami Mahmoud and Nabila Al-banhawi, the new director of the Vienna-based Egyptian tourist Office complained the loss of the Third advertising invoice of the Austrian newspaper of REISE AKTUELL which worth (2100 euro), in addition to other three invoices with a total (15000 euro) for OSTERREICH newspaper, apart from the disappearance of Voucher of office rental value on April to the owning company whose continuous request for the rental value negatively affected the nature of office work.
But the greatest catastrophe lies in the vanish of a (65094.31 euro) financial settlement on November , 8 , 2009 from the Vienna office economic management correspondences and which was disbursed for (ETI) company. However, Vienna Office director kept on appealing to president of the financial and administrative sectors “Medhat Al-sokkary” and Chairman of International Tourism Sector “Sami Mahmoud” to technically and financially review the companies dues by virtue of which money disbursed, to keep herself away from any legal responsibility for such serious financial irregularities.

Reham El-barbary