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ETA Takes the Lead In Wasting Public Money

ETA Takes the Lead In Wasting Public Money
Amid fierce criticism which many national ,opposition as well as independent newspapers leveled at Mr. Amr Elezaby Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA) Chairperson's random performance and the absence of clear-cut deliberate work mechanisms , Elezaby decided to meet on the evening of last December 28 with nearly fifty journalists at an Egyptian five star hotel located on the banks of the Nile to announce through media the launch of new Egyptian promotional campaign in various world markets with a cost of $ 40 million. In return for fifty journalists' attendance to listen to Elezaby's short speech, ETA invited them for a big dinner party worth 50000 pounds according to bills issued by hotel officials, the matter which arouses a lot of questions especially if we know that the evening meal party annually organized by ETA during the holy month of Ramadan in a 5-star restaurant for more than 100 media figures , does not cost more than 10000 pounds!
Since public money has become like Ali Baba's treasure ,the forty (.....) decided to loot that treasure by dispelling that money on holding so expensive dinner parties or parties based on courtesy and mutual personal relationships as in Elezaby approval to Head of the domestic tourism's request Ms. Nariman Hassan to host 250 participants in Africa Regional Forum at a cost of 193295 pounds and which was held by Manpower Ministry on October 28 at the Castle Mahka -not at Tourism Ministry- Surprisingly, the cheque including the previous sum has been issued for a private company named "LEAPFROG" !

On 19/12/2009 , he gave the green light to another request for Ms. Hassan for the issuance of a 148722 pounds cheque in favor of Sofitel Algazira Hotel in return for a private party for the Egyptian Society of political Economists!
Amr Elezaby' Opulence appeared in Tutankhamun exhibition held in Hamburg on last October 29 when he allowed Frankfurt-based Egypt Tourism Office to hold a dinner party at a cost of 15 thousand Euros, this is apart from Egypt Tourism Office based in Tokyo which set up the Egyptian Day gala on last November 18 at a cost of 40 thousand dollars.
Moreover, ETA Chairperson agreed to Montreal –based Egypt Tourism Office for hosting a 55000 pounds dinner party for a delegation of psychiatrists of Canadians numbered in 200 doctors on one of the floating restaurants , rewarding them for setting up their annual conference on 25 June in Egypt .
He also approved to fully host three Italian journalists for 11 days starting from January 6, 2010 in a Nile Cruise including Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel at a cost of 50000 pounds, but surprisingly enough Italy-based Egypt Tourism Office 's request did not name the three journalists or the institutions to which they belong!
Now I wish I offered you a light press meal on the opulence of Egyptian Tourism Authority senior officials in holding justified or unjustified dinner parties I hopefully could cast light on those officials' inadequacy in administrating Egyptian people's public money of which 21.5% are under the poverty line.
Reham Elbarbary