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Sunday, 14 April 2024

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Dream of Change

Dream of Change
"Change" is exactly what I mean when I start talking about the dream of Abou Al-hool that has long been thought a far-reaching one, but with determination and strong will, we have succeeded in making you dear readers part of that dream that was wrongly thought personal by some. On second thought, those people made sure that the dream is that of millions of Egyptian youth who are looking for an opportunity whereby they can express their deep love for Egypt .The dream which is deeply rooted in our minds, is the driving force that help us overcome difficulties and challenges we face when trying to unveil corruption cases and contraventions in Abou Al-hool whose pages have been completely devoted to highlighting Egypt 's civilization glory over thousands of years, encouraging tourists to come seeing its picturesque nature and discover the secrets of countless Egyptian treasures. However, that enthusiasm and desire for national work was clashed with the performance system pursued by officials in charge of tourism publicity in Egypt .

Therefore, I call upon tourism sector's to transparently and frankly give answers to question posed by public opinion assuring that Abou Al-hool is committed to neutrality and ready to open its pages for anybody wishing to give explanations over any controversial issues.

Abou Al-hool's main concern is to monitor reality and present facts to readers with impartiality in the light of freedom prevailing in Hosni Mubarak's era .

Based on this fact , I appeal to Chairman of Egyptian Tourism Authority saying :"You are one of those responsible for tourism industry in Egypt , so you should stick to transparency and clarity in responding to all questions which are based on strong evidence. If we are wrong, then correct our information for you are in charge of spreading touristic awareness in Egypt , and if we are right , then never hesitate to take senior tourism experts' advice".
Reham El-barbary