This Issue is : 11-2007

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Me and the Apparition

Me and the Apparition
When you read the following lines, you will know how much confused I am .I got up today's morning thinking about critical decision that seems easy for a lot.

I decided to take a holiday of contemplation… Yes, I want to think about my world into which I entered with full enthusiasm and vividness. But I found myself confused; do I have enough courage to think about a complete year of hard working? Or intentionally forget it so as not to stop working?

…Abou Al-hool newspaper became all my life in spite of its very short life that does not exceed one year. So, should I stop and ponder over the past or should I concentrate on the present? Or should I care about the future and not look back at the past or the present?

I asked myself, what are you planning for in case there is not a strong present?
…I reminded my self the story of one thinker after he was confused as he had not known where the truth is. That thinker read a lot and understood lots of the contradictions differences in science, history, events, and news.

While the thinker was walking in the forest, an apparition appeared to him and said "I know why you are confused and I will help you in solving it". The apparition also told the thinker that "he will teach him the truth of either of the past, the present or the future" as the thinker wishes. The man starts thinking…Which one does he want?

But soon he said, "I don’t want the present because I live it, so, should I know the past and make sure of it or look at the future with its events?"

The thinker realized that if he knows what will happen in the future, the future itself will be considered past .At that time, he chose to know the truth of the past. But he realized that if he already knows it, he will know the future as it is the extension of the past …he is being torn between the two ideas… but finally, he decided to know the future as it may be longer in time than the past.

Mean while the thinker forgot the walked farther unfortunately he got lost. He tried saying, apparition, where are you? The apparition's voice, then, came to his ears as you seemed to have taken your decision. The thinker replied yes, I want to know how can I get out of the forest? The apparition said okay, it means that you want to know the present.
...but after a few hours, I found a very bright future that we can sacrifice for it.
Written by:
Reham El Barbary