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(Scope of view)::
Tourism…the first industry in the world

(Scope of view)::
Tourismthe first industry in the world
Since the beginning of the 1950s, the international tourism movement witnessed great development in the numbers of tourists and increase in the money which they spend. While the number of tourists reached 25 million tourist in 1950, we find it became 898 million tourist flight in tourism became the first industry in the world. And as the world tourist organization’s information point that it is expected to reach 1.6 million visits in 2020.
This accurate and organized data helped several countries even the under development countries to look at tourism and develop it to be a source to increase their income of hard currency. The studies and researches have pointed that China became one of the clearest example on that. it gave tourism special importance so China now is one of the first ten countries in the world in the field of increasing its visitors.
The international competitive in this industry caused to create variety in touristic shapes for example...increasing the request on long journeys, increasing new touristic destinations, help that the development in the flying and airports’ technology and using the charter flying. A lot of countries used the open skies policy and many companies of tourist made a union in masses to control the main touristic markets. Anther point concerning the customer’s rights and protection- as it considered the most important in tourism industry’s corners-had more care so all touristic countries began to look after the quality and how to develop it…facing the pollution and keeping the environment clean and creating a world environmental balance so it calls the countries and touristic organization to provide the tourist with accurate information to avoid the pollution in the touristic destination.
Finally… using modern technology and removing the aimed massage to all over the world and millions of people easily.
It's no doubt that all of that changed the picture of the tourism marketing and help to increase the world touristic movement…Egypt was not far from the world development so it develops the quality, services, taking care of human and environment and adding new touristic shapes…the success in holding conferences tourism, golf, the horses and touristic cure resorts. All those are strong evidences made Egypt walks side by side in tourism industry with the world.
Magdi Selim ::
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