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Dubai to host EarthSoul music and arts festival dedicated to UAE’s Year of Sustainability

Dubai to host EarthSoul music and arts festival dedicated to UAEs Year of Sustainability
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – October 17, 2023:

EarthSoul Festival 2023, a first-of-its-kind eco-conscious music festival to the UAE, is set to take place from December 8th to 10th at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre in line with the UAE’s declaration of 2023 as the Year of Sustainability. The three-day event will feature an electrifying line-up of over 20 international and local artists who will perform and present great music, art, creativity and entertainment to deliver a powerful message on marine conservation and the fight against plastic pollution.

A diverse array of musical talents will light up the stages of EarthSoul Festival 2023, promising an unforgettable experience that will create a profound impact that will ripple across the Middle East region. People can anticipate exciting performances by internationally acclaimed artists such as English popstar Anne Marie, renowned Moroccan singer, songwriter, record producer RedOne, Prinz, Turkish sensation Mustafa Ceceli, Emirati artist Arqam, Filipino alternative stars December Avenue, Indian Hardrock supergroup Girish and the Chronicles, Benny Dayal and Funktuation, Nouaman Belaiachi, Punjabi Star Riar Saab, Coke Studio stars Shae Gill from Pasoori fame and Young Stunners, among many others.

Commenting on the festival, Ms. Pragna Vaya, Managing Director at Orbit Events, the festival organizer, said, "We are happy to announce the EarthSoul Festival, where music, art, and sustainability converge in celebration of our planet. The festival embodies the idea that the process of change starts with us and showcases sustainable practices in action. We believe in the power of art and music to inspire and drive positive change, making EarthSoul Festival a catalyst for a sustainable world for all. This event will be a memorable experience that transcends entertainment to become a call to action, a celebration of creativity, and a testament to the importance of sustainability."

“The EarthSoul Festival is set to be a tribute to our Mother Earth. It will promote ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ by using old, discarded, recycled and up-cycled materials in creative ways. To that end, the festival’s stage, art installations and overall setup will be meticulously crafted using these materials,” she added.

“The event beckons eco-conscious individuals, music and art enthusiasts, and advocates to unite, while upholding the leave ‘no trace policy’, entailing a deep commitment to the sustenance and preservation of our Earth. It serves as an inclusive platform, bridging communities, initiating crucial conversations, and empowering individuals to make a tangible impact on our planet,” Ms. Vaya further said.

Arqam, one of the renowned Emirati Soul singers in the UAE whose music embodies the values of environmental stewardship, peace, tolerance, love and understanding, shared his profound excitement, saying, "I'm supremely honored to represent the UAE at Dubai's first Eco-conscious music festival. Eagerly anticipate the opportunity to craft a truly unforgettable experience in this celebration of Earth, art and music.''

In addition to the musical performances, festival-goers can also expect a rich tapestry of experiences at EarthSoul Festival. Engaging workshops, wellness sessions and panel discussions centred on marine conservation and plastic pollution will enlighten and empower festival-goers, fostering a deeper understanding of environmental challenges and solutions. The festival's immersive art and decor installations, meticulously crafted from recycled and upcycled materials, promise to captivate the senses and serve as educational tools, inspiring a greener way of living.

The festival will also host the University Art Contest, where talented students from Dubai's top universities and design schools will showcase their creative works in line with the theme, ‘Oceans of Change.’ This contest not only aligns with marine conservation and plastic pollution reduction but also echoes the focus of COP28 in Dubai, offering a platform for emerging artists to shine and contribute to the festival's message of sustainability.

The attendees will also be able to explore a diverse array of unique items at the festival market, delight in mouthwatering dishes at the food truck zone, peruse eco-markets featuring sustainable merchandise, and immerse themselves in the vibrant eco-village and various other creative attractions. The festival gates will be open from 11.30 am onwards, every day.

The festival has secured enthusiastic endorsements from notable partners including Dubai Calendar, Dubai Shopping Festival, Hospitality Partner JA Resorts & Hotels, and Wellness Partner Wealth of Wellness along with other key partners and sponsors. Additionally, the festival is collaborating with mission partners Bye Bye Plastic to lead a plastic-free transition and is engaging with both global and local NGOs to drive meaningful impact and in efforts to offset the carbon footprint.