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France at ATM 2024: Unveiling Innovations and Expanding Global Ties in Tourism

France at ATM 2024:  Unveiling Innovations and Expanding Global Ties in Tourism
From May 6th to 9th, 2024, Dubai’s World Trade Center will host the Arabian Travel Market exhibition. This significant event will spotlight the participation of seven prominent French companies from the tourism and travel sector. These companies will exhibit their latest products and services at the "Choose France Pavilion," located in the Travel Tech Hall, booth 4355. This initiative is part of France’s strategic efforts to strengthen its influence in the global tourism market during the 31st edition of the ATM.

With the theme "Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship," this year's exhibition aims to invigorate the travel sector by promoting an entrepreneurial spirit, enhancing innovation, boosting revenue, and improving sustainability. As a pivotal gathering for travel professionals, the event will highlight France's significant role, showcasing its expertise in tourism, which includes over 400,000 related facilities and accounts for 7% of its GDP, according to the OECD’s Tourism Trends and Policies report.

France’s delegation at ATM 2024 showcases diverse French innovation in tourism and hospitality. Cabanon offers bespoke tents and folding caravans, while FeelCity's Coq-trotteur platform personalizes tourist itineraries. LaCollection provides digital art display solutions from world-renowned museums and artists. Luniwave introduces sustainable practices in the hotel industry, reducing water and energy consumption. mTrip revolutionizes travel technology for agencies and operators with its dynamic itinerary management platform. Optionizr enhances customer engagement with innovative payment solutions. And L’Escale Royale redefines luxury with its unique houseboat accommodations, blending artisanal craftsmanship with modern luxury.

France’s Leadership in Global Tourism

Innovation serves as the cornerstone for French companies, empowering them to excel and distinguish themselves on the global stage. While pioneering numerous innovations, such as advanced travel booking systems, the use of NFT technology to secure and personalize travel experiences, eco-friendly nomadic accommodations, and state-of-the-art travel technologies, their commitment to sustainability is evident through the use of environmentally friendly materials and green practices in operations. This proactive approach not only satisfies the current market demands but also anticipates and shapes future trends.

Axel Baroux, French Trade & Invest commissioner, expressed enthusiasm about participating in the ATM 2024: "We are excited to join ATM this year to not only enhance international tourism collaborations but also to showcase our leading technologies and sustainable practices that are setting new standards in the industry. This event is an excellent opportunity for us to deepen our connections with the dynamic markets of the UAE and the wider region, driving mutual growth and enhancing tourism experiences worldwide."

In 2023, the French tourism market saw a substantial increase in revenue, with international tourism receipts totaling 63.5 billion euros, marking a 12% increase from the previous year. France remains a vital player in the global tourism and travel sector, housing everything from innovative Traveltech startups to well-developed SMEs that contribute to spreading French expertise worldwide.

The UAE : a vibrant market for French companies

The UAE’s tourism sector continues to thrive, contributing significantly to the national GDP. In 2022, the sector added nearly AED 167 billion, around 9% of the total GDP, with expectations to increase to AED 264.5 billion by 2027. This growth aligns with an increase in employment, expected to reach approximately 770,000 jobs by 2027.

The UAE's dedicated efforts to expand its tourism offerings, combined with France's dynamic engagement in the region through numerous businesses and strategic partnerships, underscore a strong and beneficial relationship that boosts economic growth and advances sector development. This effective collaboration, characterized by common objectives and joint ventures, reinforces the UAE's position as a key destination for French innovation and investment within the tourism sector. The UAE consistently draws French businesses and investors, especially through initiatives related to tourism development, supported by policies and incentives aimed at fostering growth, such as the creation of extensive tourism databases and support for small and medium-sized tourism enterprises.